1. Helios - Hammock Remix of "The Obeisant Vine"
2. The More You Drink From the Well...The Higher the Waters Will Rise: from the Hurricane Sandy benefit compilation "...and darkness came" curated by The Headphone Commute.
3. Sora : track from "For Nihon", charity album to benefit victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
4. Borrowing the Past (Hammock Remix) : Hammock remix/reinterpretation released as a single
5. Josh Varnedore (with Hammock) - 186,000 endings per second (from the album "Sun Chapter").
6. My Shoulder Covered with Stars : "Longest Year" outtake demo recorded in 2010.
7. Melting the Frozen Sea Within Us (Amman Josh Featuring Hammock) : demo version of closing song of the EP Places. 
8. Texture 1 : outtake demo recorded in 2010.
9. Every Other Way (BT featuring Jes) : Hammock reinterpretation released on BT remix album of the same name.
10. Harmonica : an outtake demo recorded in 2007.  
11. Like New Year's Day (Matthew Ryan & Hammock), released 1.1.11. 

Hammock remixes Helios (from the Helios - Remixed album, available here).