timEbandit Powles and Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock talk about "Asleep in the Downlights" (special thanks to Tim Powles, Jeff Elbel for conducting the interview with Hammock, and Toxey McDavid for valuable technical assistance): 

Out now. 

All photography by Thomas Petillo. 

Release Date: October 25, 2011

Hammock/Steve Kilbey/timEbandit Powles
Asleep in the Downlights, 
Record Label: Hammock Music
Distribution: Redeye (US and worldwide) 
Formats: 180-gram Black vinyl, vinyl in Reddish Brown, Blue, Violet with Black, Fire Orange with Black, Clear with Black Swirl, CD, digital download.

Track Listing:

1. No Agenda (Hammock featuring Steve Kilbey of The Church)*
2. Sinking Inside Yourself (Hammock)
3. Verse for Forgiveness (Hammock featuring timEbandit Powles of The Church)* 
4. Parkers Chapel (Hammock)

* these vocal versions of the "Chasing..." outtakes have also been remixed, or in the words of timEbandit, "demixed, deduced, massaged, reduced and enlarged".

In 2010, Hammock released a digital-only EP of outtakes from its fourth LP, Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts, containing four songs, two of which were tagged with "instrumental" in the titles even though no other versions existed. That is, until now.

"Sometimes life seems random; sometimes it seems to have a purpose," says Marc Byrd of Hammock. "We've been longtime fans and listeners of The Church. Tim "timEbandit" Powles mixed the Chasing... album, and as a result, we've had the opportunity to extend our collaboration with Tim and to work with Steve Kilbey. 'No Agenda' now features words and a vocal performance from Kilbey, one of our all-time favorite singers and lyricists, and 'Verse for Forgiveness' features words and vocals from Powles, who is one of the most multi-talented artists we've ever met. We're ecstatic about this release."  

"What made me decide that I wanted to extend my involvement was that I was really digging the music, and I had a strong sense that as a band, Hammock has its own authority and place in the field of atmospheric music," says Tim Powles. "At some point during mixing Steve [Kilbey], who was visiting for something else, overheard an early version of a song with the working title 'Cabin' and he loved it. The song just fell into place quickly from there and became 'No Agenda'. On 'Verse for Forgiveness', the lyrical idea had been in my head for about six months - I kept falling inside the imagery of forgiveness - and from the first time I heard this Hammock outtake called '6/8', it seemed totally fitting. There was a sense of melancholy in the track that drew me to it. I couldn't resist the things that were happening - they were just there in the music."

Asleep in the Downlights also includes two new Hammock songs, "Sinking Inside Yourself", a driving, towering piece featuring the first-ever vocal from Andrew Thompson, and the gorgeous "Parkers Chapel", sung by Marc Byrd. Four songs, four voices. This is essential listening for fans of either The Church or Hammock and is a work of beauty, openness and wonder - something our world needs right now.